Wall Paintings by Kids

I found this idea on Pinterest. Thought it looked interesting enough to try, with the weather being stormy during this time of year … it was a GREAT idea to do. You will need a canvas, the size is up to you. Masking tape, acrylic paint, paint trays, brushes, newspaper to place under the canvas, and jar of water to clean brushes.

You will put tape over the canvas, make sure you tape to the back of the canvas (this makes it easier to remove later). The pattern or design is up to you. Once you have completed this, you are ready to paint.


In paint trays, add your paint. We mixed colors in advance, & covered them with plastic wrap for later use.


Once you begin painting, you can paint over the tape (you will be pulling it off later). Best advice, is to give the child on paint color at a time & let dry. My granddaughter decided to use quite a few & this is the beginning of her wall art:


Let each color dry before adding more to the painting. To provide more a vibrate or colorful painting to hang later.


I would sit the canvas upright, and let a fan blow on the canvas to help dry the paint faster. (When your artist are 5 & 2 … this is a GREAT idea. For your own sanity LOL)


Once the paintings are completed, let them competely dry. I left them alone for 24 hrs, just to be on the “safe-side.”
You can then begin pulling the tape off, it comes off with no problem. Only “problem” I had was when I pulled a strip that was under another strip … not a huge issue, just use your fingernail & pull the rest off if it tears.


Each wall art will be unique to the child who created it. They have their own colors they prefer. My grandkids are old enough that they helped placed the tape on the canvas. One choose few strips, and the other lots of them … but each really enjoyed the creating their own painting to hang in our home.

We have decided to this this once a year with these two, & future grandkids, until they tire making them. Labeling each with the name & time it was completed. (You can see from their faces, they are proud of their work!)


Unique Cowgirl & Cowboy hats

I did this for my young grandkids, so when I got the hat it was a cheap on from the Dollar Tree. I got 2 types of ribbon of each hat. One as a backing and the other with a design. Make sure the the backing one is larger than the one with the design … or it really defeats the purpose of using two ribbons.

I folded the end of the larger ribbon over, making a straight seam, and then glued it to the back of the ribbon. Taking the ribbon with the design, I centered it on the larger ribbon. At the end, were the seam is at on the larger ribbon, I folded the smaller ribbon over & then glued it to the back of the large ribbon. This gives the end a straight seam instead of uneven look (like you didn’t care to bother with neatness or anything like that).
Once the were glued together, I glued the two ribbons on the back of the hat. Wrapping it around completely, I was able to cut off the length & then begin attaching it to the hat. I glued the ribbons together at various points to keep them from slipping apart. Then gluing them in sections to the hat. Once I got to the end, I folded the ends over again. Making an even seam, again, in the ribbons & gluing them together. Then gluing them over the 1st part of the ribbon.

To start, 2 ribbons & one hat:
Frozen hat has a clear ribbon behind it, making the design stand out more: IMG_2237

Mickey & Friends hat has a dark blue ribbon, making the design ribbon stand out more:IMG_2238IMG_2239

Finished items: (with my oldest Okie holding them)

You can see here on these pictures how I folded the ends over & finished the hats: IMG_2242IMG_2243

You can choose choose clear-colored for backing or solid ribbon to make the design ribbons stand out. The decision is yours, but you can see that either option turns out looking good.

Pallet Wall shelf


As you can tell this one is easy to create. Just remove the bottom pieces of planks. You can either leave them off or place them between the top planks to have a full backing.
We stained this, and it is now ready to hang.


There are different ways to remove the plank pieces from the pallet. Your best bet is to search for the ways & find the one that works for best for you.
My husband simply uses a crow bar & a hammer. He find this quick and easy. Slides bar between plank parts & taps until on it until the piece is free of it’s holdings. BUT he doesn’t rush, or you end up with broken planks. You, also, have to raise once section a small bit & then move to the next … trying to keep the plank from breaking because one part is free of it’s holding and the other not.

“Stuff Cans” Project


This was the 1st project my granddaughters teacher sent home for use to do together. She has such a blast. You can put anything on this. As well as complete this in any way you like.
We decided to use: Stickers, Clippings, Family Pictures, Construction Paper, Modge Podge, Craft Scissors (to give a cute design to the cuts), Sharpie’s (for Name), Glue Stick & Acrylic Clear Coat Spray. The teacher gave us a huge, cleaned out (used of coursed) old coffee can … this is the Stuff Can.

I have always began using modge podge with adding torn up paper 1st, it gives it a base. So, we up 2 layers of that on. While this was drying, each layer … that is, we cut the purple & pink construction paper with the craft scissors. (Such fun with a 5 yr old Winking smile ) Once the can was dry we hand enough paper to cover the can in purple & pink!!! (side & bottom)
Once this was complete, we worked on cutting out other items with the scissors to put on the can. (We did this step by step to keep the 5 yr old interested in the project!) She cut our Monster High & My Little Pony and then hunted down her stickers … Sofia, Princess, Doc McStuffin’s & a few others. Then we went though some family pictures (yes, she choose far too many but that was easy to fix).
Stickers where placed next because they pretty much are her fav thing to use, when it comes to some crafts. Then she Modge Podge them and “talked” me in to watching a Monster High movie with her (hey, I like Monster High). Then we glue on the cut outs, and another layer went on … good thing we live in Oklahoma (it’s been hot enough to DRY can fast) … and we were done for day it was dinner time!!!

The following day we added the pictures and her name. I glued them on. We put several layers of modge podge on. Then we used the Acrylic Spray … the can pretty much was out side from morning til night fall. Then it was ready to be placed in her back pack the next morning.


You can name put anything on this can. It’s yours to make how every you wish. But this makes such a great Stuff Can for craft areas or even on a desk. And the size of the can is up to you!

Twice Baked Potato



Baking Potatoes, amount depends on amount to be served
Shredded Cheese
Bacon Bits
Ham, Diced Up
Sour Cream
Butter, do not melt
Salt & Pepper, for taste
Cooking Oil
Salt, Coarse

Pre-Heat oven to 350F. Stab each potato with a fork, 8 times. (2 times on each sides) Once oven is heated, bake potatoes (I do not cover in foil, it makes the skin crisper) until they are fully cooked, this will depend on the size of the potatoes you choose to use & how many you are baking. (or you can use the microwave &cook them BUT this does not make the skins hard like you will want.) This usually takes about 45 – 60 minutes, but again it really depends on the number & size.
Once potatoes are fully cooked, you can tell by squeezing them with a pot holder. Let them set for a few minutes and then cut in 1/2 length wise.
Once you are done cutting the potatoes in 1/2, scoop out the potato with a spoon. Get as close to the skins as you can, putting potato into mixing bowl.

Mix some shredded cheese, diced ham, sour cream, butter, & bacon bits into to the potato. Stir in a a bit of salt & pepper to taste. When it is fully mix, let set for a few minutes.
Using a napkin, rub the outside of the skins with a small amount of oil. This keeps them from sticking to the baking pan. Then (using same napkin) rub a bit of salt (coarse) onto the skins, for taste.

Carefully stuff the skins full of the potato mix. Once you have got it full, place in your baking pan. If you have extra mix, add it to the skins once you have have completed the final 1/2. You can either place them close together, or in the pan loosely. Either way works. It just depends on how many 1/2 you have when you are filling the pan.

Sprinkle cheese over the skins. The amount depends on how much cheese you prefer. I usually make a pan with a light amount, one with a medium amount & one with a heavy amount over the top of the potatoes skins. Then I bake until the cheese us fully melted. (Meaning some are baked faster than others.)


You can add other items to you mix if you choose. I have changed several of the ingredients. You don’t have to use diced ham, or bacon. You can also add you own ideas, I have added green onions & red onions in the past.

Houseman Simple Slow Cooker Pulled Pork


I see all these recipes where people add soda or this or that to pulled pork … when it just takes two simple items. The pork & the BBQ sauce, of choice.
Now, I throw mine in the night before, so it simmers into the meat. Make sure to use your Slower Cooker Liners!!! (Makes clean up so much easier.)

Pork Tenderloin, size of your choice
BBQ Sauce, enough to cover pork

Turn slow cooker onto warm for 12 hours. In the morning & later the next day stir occasionally. Add more BBQ sauce, if needed or desired.